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Your new windows & doors investment will be protected by our 10 year guarantee, thereby ensuring your complete security and satisfaction.

We provide a bespoke service, working with you to create stylish products to improve your home. From initial design consultation to manufacturing and transpotation, our expert teams take care of it all, every step of the way.

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Hot Model Of Doors

Doors Come In A Plethora Of Different Shapes, Model And Sizes – All With Unique Uses And Purposes. Our Product Range Includes UPVC, Timber, Timber Aluminum And Aluminium Doors. You Can Choose From A Huge Range Of Colours And Finishes, Handles

Sliding Door

  • A. You can control the opening Space

    Stacker doors give you more control over how much space you want to open up. The extra sliding panels in stacker doors allow for wider thoroughfare when open. This is a popular option when allowing for an ease of flow between your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

  • B. Efficiency

    The energy-efficient nature of uPVC Stacker doors makes it the best choice for any dwelling. During the summer months, these are perfect for keeping the room temperature cool and warm during winters. Hence, they help in lowering your energy bills.

  • C. Weatherproof

    Switching to uPVC sliding doors and windows is an excellent decision because this material can withstand all climatic conditions. Meanwhile, it is soundproof and dustproof, and the insulation ability won’t compromise the aesthetics.

4.Aluminum Hinge Door

  • A.Lightweight

    When compared to hinges made of other materials, aluminum hinges are lightweight. Most aluminum hinges, for instance, weigh about one-third the weight of their stainless steel counterparts. With their lightweight properties, they are easy to install and remove.

  • B.Corrosion Resistant

    Aluminum hardware is also resistant to corrosion. They can withstand humidity and moisture without succumbing to oxidation.

  • C.Long time service life and good sealing

    Hinge door is durable, and good heat and sound insulation performance, also dust proof.

3.Aluminum Lift and Side Door

  • A.Ease of use

    The lift and slide design allows the user to open even over-sized vents with the push of a finger.

  • B.Better water and air tightness, reduced wear and tear

    The design of lift and slide doors allow minimal operating friction without sacrificing high performance water and air tightness. This is because the vent of a lift and slide door is raised before opening, allowing the seals to disengage and avoid any exposure to friction during operation. Additionally, more and thicker seals can be used, since they don’t add to the effort of opening the vent.

  • C.Improved forced entry resistance

    When a lift and slide door is shut and the handle is moved into the closed position, not only are the locking mechanisms engaged, but the full weight of the vent is set down onto the frame. Intruders would not only need to create enough leverage to break the multi point locking mechanism, but also move the weight of the vent. Considering that vents on larger lift and slide doors are easily 200 to 400 pounds, it adds a significant amount of security. In addition, even if the vent is left slightly open for ventilation, it can’t be just pushed open as long as the handle can’t be moved from the outside.

  • D.Large Size

    Each panel can be large size, width can up to 2500mm, and height can up to 3000mm.

1.Aluminum Bifold Door

  • A.You will have Plenty of Natural Light:

    If you are a fan of natural light and would love to have a complete view of your garden, bi-fold or multi-folding doors are your best option. Unlike a regular swing or sliding door, they cover an entire wall and thus allow you to enjoy the complete view of your garden and let in the maximum amount of light.

  • B.Flexibility:

    With regular doors, you have only two options. Whether you can close them or you can open them, there is no other option. However, a multi-folding door or bi-fold door gives you the liberty to open it just as much as you like. Or if you are having a party and you need more space, unlike sliding doors, you can completely collapse them into a corner and enjoy a garden or bar-b-que party and fit as many guests as you need.

  • C:Personalization Possibilities

    There are many reasons why bi-fold doors are so popular with homeowners, but their aesthetic appeal features high on the list. Sleek and modern in design, these doors are completely customizable, complementing existing décor or adding a contemporary twist to a more traditional property.

How Does ROPO Ensure The Accuracy Of Door And Window Customization?

We pay attention to detail management and ensure your installation goes smoothly with precise products.

We Have Detailed Quality Assurance Solutions:

  • 5 Production Steps To Ensure Quality
  • Choose Suitable Doors And Windows To Meet The Needs Of Users In Different Housing Areas
  • Factory Door And Window Customization
  • Notes On Some Materials And Parts
  • Replacement Instructions For Accessories
  • Warranty List
  • Relevant Certification

Trusted Factory

What Sets Us Apart

10,000 ㎡ Workshop and Two Production Lines
16 Years Production Experience / CNC Equipment / Experienced Workers
The Member of Australian Glass &. Window Associationand WERS
Australian standards Workshop and Audited by AGWA andSAIGLOBAL Every Year
Audited by BV and Intertek Every Year

Quality Assurance Solutions

5 Steps to Control Quality

Order Review
Raw Material Inspection
Semi-Finished Product Inspection
Finished Product Inspection
Inspection Report

Quality Control Plan

QR Tracking

Warranty Policy

Warranty List

Window & Door Frame Warranty
Hardware Warranty

Insect Screen (Flyscreen) Warranty


Glass Warranty

Notes On Some Materials And Parts

Instructions For Replacement Accessories

Professional After-Sales Team: Online 7 x 24

ROPO Related Certification

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have strict inspections and related certifications.

Australian Glass and Window Association

Membership No.: 977

AGWA member products are tested by a NATA accredited third party to provide independent assurance of technical competence. This ensures that:

  • Members manufacture their products in accordance with the details on their AS 2047 test reports.
  • Product ratings and labelling requirements are continuously verified and maintained to provide meaningful comparative product performance information.
  • Architects, specifiers and building inspectors meet or enforce compliance with Building Codes.
  • Manufactured products being supplied to the market are compliant and have passed AS 2047 Physical Tests.
  • Q: How Much do Custom uPVC windows?
    A: The Cost of Custom uPVC Windows is Dependent on so Many Factors such as Style and Glass. At ROPO, Our Windows are Made-to-Measure and Customised to Your Taste and Home, Which is Why You won't Find a Price Online as There are too Many Contributing Factors
  • Q: What Customer does ROPO Provide Custom Windows and Doors Service?
    A: Wholesaler, Builder, Contractor, Architect, Homeowner
  • Q: How Long Can I Get The Price?
    A: 24-48 Hours
  • Q: How Much do Custom Windows?
    A: The Cost of Custom Windows is Dependent on so Many Factors such as Style and Materials. At ROPO, Our Windows are Made-to-Measure and Customised to Your Taste and Home, Which is Why You won't Find a Price Online as There are too Many Contributing Factors
  • Q: Where is your factory?
    A: We are in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
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