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The Hurricane Impact Windows Ultimate Buying Guide

Explore How Hurricane Impact Windows Safeguard Your Home During Severe Storms
What are Hurricane Impact Windows ?
How Hurricane Windows Work?
Hurricane Impact Windows Benefits
Types of Hurricane Impact Windows Advice
ROPO Hurricane Impact Windows Case
Understanding Hurricane Impact Windows Ratings
Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator
Why ROPO's Hurricane Impact Windows

What are Hurricane Impact Windows ?

The primary purpose of hurricane impact windows is to protect homes and buildings from damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, and high winds. Unlike traditional windows, which can shatter easily upon impact, hurricane impact windows are engineered to resist breaking, even when struck by debris traveling at high velocities
Hurricane Impact Windows

How Hurricane Windows Work?

The laminated glass in hurricane windows is made from two pieces of glass reinforced with a strong, yet flexible, polymer layer in between (PVB is the most popular). This polymer layer is meant to remain intact, even if the window glass is shattered by flying debris, protecting your home's interior from the wind and rain for the remainder of the storm. It also prevents the glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces that could be dangerous for anyone remaining in the home.

At ROPO, The PVB interlayer used for hurricane impact windows laminated glass is standard thickness being 1.14 mm, 1.52 mm and 2.28 mm

Hurricane Impact Windows Benefits

Hurricane impact resistant glass is an efficient, safe and reliable option, providing vital protection and security to those living in storm-prone areas. Best value hurricane impact windows provide a combination of affordability and superior protection against extreme weather conditions

Wind Resistance

Hurricane impact windows are made to survive very strong winds without blowing out—up to 200 mph (category 5).

Impact Resistance

indows are made to break safely,Bullet and bomb resistance

Noise Reduction

The windows offer noise resistance, providing sound insulation

UV Protection

The windows protect interiors by blocking UVB rays

Home Security

Laminated glass windows make it difficult for intruders to break into your home

Energy Efficiency

Laminated glass provides excellent insulation

Insurance Savings

This type of window can reduce your homeowner's insurance rates

tips 1
Hurricane Impact Windows

Overall,Hurricane impact windowsoffer excellent wind resistance, safety and energy efficiency, making them ideal for buildings living in storm-prone areas

tips 2
Local Building Codes

Before selecting and installing Hurricane impact windows, be sure to understand local building codes and regulations to ensure the windows you choose meet the requirements

tips 3
Insurance Considerations

Installing Hurricane impact windows may help lower your home insurance costs because these windows provide a higher level of wind damage protection

Types of Hurricane Impact Windows Advice

Forhurricane impact windows types, it is important to look for products with high ratings in each category to ensure maximum protection and performance during a stat chart eventSome Hurricane impact windows also have thermal and acoustic insulation properties that can improve a home's energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Products Recommended

QUALITY & CERTIFICATIONS: ROPO is a leading manufacturer of high quality and certified hurricane impact windows
casement windows
Casement Windows

High Wind Loading
Good Water Penetration

Handcrank Windows
Handcrank Windows

Amercian Style Windows
Good Water Penetration

awning windows
Awning Windows

High Wind Loading
Good Water Penetration

casement doors
Casement Doors

High Wind Loading
Multipoint Locking System

sliding doors
Sliding Doors

High Wind Loading
Large Opening Space

In addition, ROPO Windows is a reputable windows and doors manufacture that provides relevant certifications and also needs to consider whether it complies with local building codes and regulations
Hurricane Windows VS Impact Windows

Hurricane windows are designed to resist certain wind speeds, while impact windows resist wind and impacts from flying debris because they have more laminated layers. All impact windows are considered hurricane windows, but not all hurricane windows are impact windows due to varying layers.

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ROPO Hurricane Impact Windows Case

Discover the best hurricane impact windows designed for high wind resistance and storm proof protection. Explore our range of impact resistant windows that offer safety, durability, and cost-efficiency

British Virgin Islands

Aluminum Frame Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

2024 / 2 / 14

Cayman Islands

Aluminum Frame Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

2024 / 2 / 14


PVC Frame Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

2024 / 2 / 14

Understanding Hurricane Impact Windows Ratings

When selecting hurricane impact windows, it's crucial to consider these ratings to ensure optimal protection and performance during severe weather events These hurricane impact windows wind speed typically encompass various factors such as:Impact Resistance,Wind Load,Water Penetration,Structural Integrity and Energy Efficiency

DP Rating For Design Wind Speeds

(based on 2012 IRc - Table R301.2(2) & 1999 Hurricane Guide - Table 602A)

Center of Wall

opening area(sf)110mph120mph130mph140mph150mph170mph

Center of Wall

opening area(sf)110mph120mph130mph140mph150mph170mph

TAS 201 Large Missle Impact Testing Report

Who needs impact windows?

If you live in a coastal state affected by hurricanes, your state and county building codes may require you to install hurricane proof windows and hurricane proof doors during new construction or by a certain year. In response to the increasing frequency of tropical storms and hurricanes, more and more homeowners are opting for the protection hurricane impact windows provide, even if your municipality is not currently mandating compliance. We offer a variety of window options for your region to meet your home’s needs

Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator?

Like any product, the pricing of hurricane-resistant windows can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer The cost of hurricane windows is higher than the cost of  standard windowsAnd there are several things can impact the priceIncluding:
Window Style

Windows Style

Casement, Sliding, Awning, Double Hung, etc.

Window Frame

Windows Frame

PVC & Aluminum

Window Size

Windows Size



Glass Style

Thick, Color


Windows Accessories

German Brand & Chinese Brand


Insect Screen

Retractable, Accordion, Fixed, Security, etc.

Tips 1
Cost Considerations

While hurricane impact windows are typically more expensive than regular windows for homeowners, they are a worthwhile investment considering the safety and protection they provide

Tips 2
Cost Considerations

When dealers and builders purchase hurricane impact windows, ROPO Windows are best value hurricane impact windows manufacture, and we have Powerful Production & Customization Capability, We can reasonably control and save 50% costs for you

Why ROPO's Hurricane Impact Windows?

High Quality Products

High Quality Products

Hurricane windows provided by ROPO Windows undergo strict quality control and testing, ensuring they meet high standards of performance and durability

Factory Advantage

Factory Advantage

Leveraging the advantages of Chinese factories and the same supply chain, we can guarantee product quality and cost-effectiveness

Professional Advice

Professional Advice

Our expert team can offer professional advice on hurricane window selection, installation, and maintenance, assisting customers in making informed decisions

Customization Services

Customization Services

We provide customized hurricane window services, window sizes, window frame, colors, and more to meet the specific needs and architectural characteristics of our customers

Compliance Guarantee

Compliance Guarantee

ROPO hurricane impact window comply with local building regulations and hurricane protection standards, ensuring that customers' homes receive adequate protection

10 Years Warranty

10 Years Warranty

We offer comprehensive after-sales service, providing ongoing support and assurance