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  • ROPO Windows Offers Professional Service Support:【Order Confirmation Process】【Production Of Door and Window Products】【Shipping Tracking】【ROPO After-sales Support】

    ROPO Service

    Q1How can I order window & door from ROPO?


    1. You can get our windows and doors from our sole distributor

    2. You can get them from us directly

    3. Email:, Phone / Whatapp/ Wechat: +8615980112550

    Q2Can you help to arrange the shipment for us?


    1. Yes, we can.

    Q3How long will be the shipping time?


    1. Shipping time depends on the port of destination. We can confirm the shipping time for you after confirm it.

    Q4How is freight calculated?


    1. The freight cost depends on the port of destination. Once customer confirm the port, we can get the estimated shipping cost. (Note, The shipping cost is not stable, final cost should be confirmed before the shipment).

    Q5What methods of payment can I use?


    1. T/T or Alibaba trade assurance.

    Q6How do you use my personal information?


    1. We do not share or sell your name / address or email address with any other business.

    Q7What's your MOQ


    1. One Unit

    Q8Do you offer free window sample?


    1. Yes, we can supply free sample in standard size

    Q9Do you supply installation?


    1. Sorry, we cannot supply the installation

    Q10Do you have any branch?


    1. Sorry, we don't have any branch abroad

    Q11What is your payment items?


    1. The 50% deposit,the balance is before shipment

    Q12Where is your port of loading?


    1. Fuzhou / Xiamen

  • For your specific needs: provide you with more suitable solutions and prices Take this tour to quickly understand,If you are budgeting for ordering window and door products, it is important to research the cost composition of window and door products, as many factors can affect door and window prices, depending on the following factors:

    Price Explanation

    Q1What's the window & door price per square meter?


    1. Many factors will affect the price, like different window & door model, size, glass etc

    2. We can calculate the price according to size, model, glass.

    Q2How long the price is valid?


    1. 30 days

    Q3How long can I get the price?


    24-48 Hours

    Please call us or tell us in your email, so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

    1. Q4

    2. The price is same if I customize the window color?

    3. Ans

    Aluminum Window & Door: Powder Coating any color is the same priceUPVC Window & Door: The color window and door is much more expensive than White color

  • ROPO We Have A Detailed Warranty Coverage,In order to ensure that ROPO's door and window products can meet the needs of your customers, we have comprehensively improved the quality of products in many aspects

    ROPO Quality

    Q1What is your warranty?


    1. 10 Years Warranty

    Q2What can we do in case of problems?


    1. You can contact the our professional consultant

    2. Send the pictures or videos to our professional consultant

    3. The after service department will check the details-pictures / videos

    4. The professional consultant will supply the replacement items to you

    Q3How can you make sure the window & door size correct?


    1. CNC equipment

    2. experienced workers

    3. 5 Production Steps to Ensure Quality

  • How Does ROPO Ensure The Accuracy Of Door And Window Customization?Custom UPVC Windows,Custom UPVC Doors,Custom Aluminum Windows,Custom Aluminum Doors,Custom Glass Railings....

    ROPO Products

    Q1What is ROPO's products Range?


    1. UPVC / Aluminum / Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows & Doors, glass louver, balustrade, shower screen door, garage door, hurricane shutter.

    Q2What's the production time for your windows/doors?


    1. 40 days after deposit and drawing confirmed.

    2. we can guarantee the doors windows quality and delivery time strictly to your project progress.

    Q3What is better, UPVC or Aluminum?


    1. Both are good

    2. You can chose them according to climate, energy report