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Congratulation to you who are building a new home or renovating your home. ROPO Windows factory is committed to provide you with high-quality, beautiful, energy-efficient and low-maintenance windows and doors.
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Custom Double Glazed Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors in Melbourne, Australia

Custom Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors in British Virgin Island

Custom uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Adelaide, Australia

Key Factors in Selecting Windows and Doors

At the Same Time, As an Individual Homeowner, There are Some Important Considerations in the Selection Process

The Following Information Will Help You Quickly Understand Windows & Doors Customization and Selection:

A: Windows and doors are available in a variety of types and materials, offering a wide options including Colors, Glass Types, U Value, SHGC, Hardware, and more for customers to choose from.

B:  Also consider your personal requirements for your home, regulatory requirements and local and regional venue conditions.

Residential Options Available


Glazing Options

Glazing Options: Doulbe, Triple, Laminated, Low E, Reflective, Tinted, Obscure


Windows Style Options

Sliding, Casement, Awning, Tilt & Turn, Folding, Fixed, Double Hung, etc

Door Style

Door Style Options

Hinge, French, Sliding, Tilt & Sliding, Folding, Lift & Sldiing, etc

window frame

Frame Options

uPVC, Aluminum-Thermally Broken & Non Thermal Broken, Aluminum Wood

Insect Screen

Insect Screen Options

Retractable, Accordion, Fixed, Sliding, Hinge


Hardware Options

Chinese Brand: Cmech, Kinlong; German Brand: ROTO, Siegenia Aubi

frame color

uPVC Color Options

White, Black, Anthracite, Woodgrain

Aluminum frame Color

Aluminum Color Options

Powder Coating, PVDF, Anodized

Three Hot Types of Windows Advice

ROPO Fabricate uPVC, Aluminium and Aluminum Wood Windows in Casement, Sliding, Awning, Tilt & Turn and Bay & Bow, etc Window Styles

Safety(Hurricane proof)

  • Certificate: Miami Dade Test
  • Hurricane rating: 220M/S

Energy Saving

  • Energy saving factor: U value: 1.0
  • Properties: Thermal / Thermal Insulation

Sound Insulation

  • Sound insulation value parameter table
  • STC value: 38-44db

How much should you budget for new windows?

The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies to windows as much as it does to anything

Appearance and aesthetics

Style, color and trim options for doors and windows to ensure they match the home's décor


Energy efficiency and sound insulation

Energy efficiency performance of doors and windows to reduce energy bills. Whether doors and windows can provide good sound insulation to improve living comfort


maintenance requirements

Low-maintenance door and window options that reduce routine maintenance and provide long-term value



Door and window security features like strong locks, anti-theft features, and safety glass to keep your home safe

Window Cost Guides

Customers have a rough purchase budget and different levels of product options to meet customers’ different price needs.

Therefore, as a door and window manufacturer, we provide door and window solutions that are attractive in appearance, superior in energy efficiency, low maintenance, safe and reliable, and affordable in order to meet the needs and concerns of individual homeowners. At the same time, provide clear information about these features to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

we are ready to guide you in window purchasin

Make the right choice with our windows buying guide!

1Demand analysis

Initial consultation to understand the client’s needs, preferences and basic project requirements

2Design service

Provide professional design services, including design proposals, design sketches and CAD designs

3Material selection

Glass assists customers in choosing appropriate materials, including door frames, window frames, glass, coatings, etc

4Custom design

Provide customized door and window designs based on customer needs and building characteristics

5Special requirements met

Provide services to meet special requirements, such as special-shaped windows, special materials, special colors, etc


Start the manufacturing process of doors and windows, including cutting, welding, assembly and other processes


Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure products meet standards

8Customized production

Meet special customization needs, such as special specifications, special materials, etc

9Install service

Arrange a professional installation team to ensure that doors and windows are correctly installed in the designated position, adjusted and tested. (Depending on the circumstances)

10After-sales service

Provide after-sales service to solve problems that may arise after installation and ensure long-term performance

11customer satisfaction survey

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to collect customer feedback on products and services

12Maintenance and care advice

Provide maintenance and care advice for doors and windows to extend the service life of the product

13Technical Support

Provide technical support throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns customers may have

14Periodic inspection

Provide regular inspection services to ensure the normal operation of doors and windows, and to detect and solve problems in a timely manner

Together, these services ensure that the door and window manufacturing factory can provide a full range of door and window customization solutions, with full-process support from design to installation to after-sales service, to meet the needs of different customers

I can't measure my windows....what do I do?

We offer a full measuring service for all of our products, when you are ready to place an order,

we charge $199 inc GST for this service regardless of the number of windows and doors.

When paying for this service, we assume full responsibility for the sizes of all your windows and doors, we believe this is a small price to pay for your peace of mind that your windows and doors will fit correctly.

Once all measurements are completed, send them on to us via email to:

OR alternatively take a picture on your phone and text to 0406 702 225 with your contact details.

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