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What are Fire Windows ?

Fire-rated doors and windows are specifically designed to withstand the heat and flames of bushfires up to Level 40. The building materials are rigorously tested and comply with Australian standards, such as building requirements in bushfire-prone areas. They spread through dangerous entry points and are critical in preventing fires.
Hurricane Impact Windows

How Do Fire-Rated Windows and Doors Work?

Fire-rated doors and windows are made of materials that resist ignition and heat transfer. They form a barrier that impedes the spread of fire, providing critical time for evacuation and reducing property damage. Additionally, they often have special seals and glazing to maintain the building's structure during a fire.

Types of Fire-Rated Windows Advice

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Products Recommended

QUALITY & CERTIFICATIONS: ROPO is a leading manufacturer of high quality and certified hurricane impact windows
casement windows
Casement Windows

High Wind Loading
Good Water Penetration

Handcrank Windows
Handcrank Windows

Amercian Style Windows
Good Water Penetration

awning windows
Awning Windows

High Wind Loading
Good Water Penetration

casement doors
Casement Doors

High Wind Loading
Multipoint Locking System

sliding doors
Sliding Doors

High Wind Loading
Large Opening Space

In addition, ROPO Windows is a reputable windows and doors manufacture that provides relevant certifications and also needs to consider whether it complies with local building codes and regulations
Why ROPO windows Solution?

Our full range of products feature fire protection ratings of up to 120 minutes
An independent laboratory, such as UL, conducts the testing and then assigns an appropriate rating based on the results.

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Who Needs Fire Rated Windows and Doors?

This is particularly important in bushfire-prone areas such as many parts of Australia. According to the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre, more than 2 million homes in Australia have been affected by bushfires. 1It is crucial to ensure that your home is adequately protected.

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Why ROPO Fire Rated windows Solution?

When dealers and builders purchase hurricane impact windows, ROPO Windows are best value hurricane impact windows manufacture, and we have Powerful Production & Customization Capability, We can reasonably control and save 50% costs for you

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