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Door and Window Installation Video Collection

Door and Window Installation Video Collection

Jul 21,2023
Door and Window Installation Video Collection
In this video group, we provide you with detailed video instructions for door and window installation.
Installing doors and windows is a critical process, and proper installation ensures the normal operation and long-term use of the product. We will demonstrate the installation steps, required tools and tips to help customers understand the process of door and window installation, and encourage them to choose professional installation services to ensure they get the best experience.
UPVC Windows & Doors Installation
How to Fixed Timber Reveals
How to Fix The Timber Reveal to uPVC Windows & Doors
UPVC Awning Window
uPVC Awning Window with Integral Blinds
Aluminium Windows & Doors Installation
How to Install the Timber Reveals to Double Glazed Aluminium Windows & Doors
5 Steps:
*After order confirmed, we have a meeting with the main peoples who work for workshop before production, investigate all the workmanship and some technical problems, ensure all of them have related ways to settle and control.
*Inspect all the materials after arrived, ensure they will be catched up customers' requirements.
*Inspect the semi-finished goods.
*Inspect the finished products.
*Final inspection when pack up all the goods. if there is not any problems for this step, our QC will issue the inspection report and release this products.
How to Install Aluminum Stacking Doors

0:00 Install the Door Frame to the Wall, Ensure The Door Frame Vertical and Horizontal
0:40 Lift the Door Panel into the Door Frame
1:40 Install the Interlock
4:41 Inspection and Testing
5:26 Install the Covers
6:23 Silicone To Fixed Panel at Inside and Outside
6:40 Testing again, Locking / Wheels
PS: You can use Screw to fix the Interlock in order to avoid the Interlock to drop when you open the door.
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